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September 2022Quasars has been awarded a task order to provide Integration and Program Management support to the DHS Office of the Chief Readiness Officer.

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Law Enforcement

Customs and Border Protection

Quasars provided cost modeling and analysis support to Customs & Border Protection’s fee enforcement systems. Quasars was tasked with supporting program-level planning processes and implementation strategies and providing assessment, cost and schedule analyses. Quasars was also responsible for the development of an executable and actionable Independent Government Cost Estimate (IGCE) plan that delineates program content and provides estimates for costs and schedule. Quasars also executed the cost modeling and schedule analysis that estimates full program costs (development and supporting functions) within program constraints. Quasars supported improvements in program-level budget development, independent verification & validation of cost inputs/process/outputs.

Department of Justice

Chief Information Officer Support

Since 2004, Quasars has provided support to federal CIO offices to implement new laws, regulations, and policies in multiple agencies including the Department of Justice. We have provided lifecycle support to CIOs to assess, plan, and implement new strategies and approaches to IT deployments. Quasars has provided long-term and continuous assessment and support to improve organizational effectiveness. Quasars methodologies and approaches address both internal infrastructure and external IT legislative mandates, implementation of FISMA requirements, Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA) alignment, and inputs to OMB Exhibit 300s.

At the Department of Justice, Quasars provided enterprise architecture support for migrating existing discrete systems to a streamlined consolidated architecture.

Quasars has also provided CIO support in the following areas:

  • • Market Research
  • • IT Governance Process Development and Management
  • • IT Portfolio Analysis
  • • IT Architecture Support
  • • FEA alignment support

Human Capital Management

Quasars has provided a full range of human capital management support to the Department of Justice. This experience includes:

  • • PWS development training facilitated by Quasars' staff, development of data collection methodologies and tools for the analysis of data, the design of communication plans among stakeholders in the competition, and site visits for interviews with key personnel.

  • • Strategic sourcing program support in the areas of planning, communications, advisory and assistance services, training, contests and competition management. FAIR Act Inventory and Strategic Sourcing plan development and implementation.

  • • Strategic sourcing program support including: program management, supporting development of a Department-wide soft-landing strategy for employee transitions, preliminary planning for competitions (current operations baseline, market research, cost estimates, communications planning, etc.), and streamlined competition support.