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September 2022Quasars has been awarded a task order to provide Integration and Program Management support to the DHS Office of the Chief Readiness Officer.

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Transportation Security Administration

Systems Engineering

Quasars is currently providing the Transportation Security Agency with a wide variety of systems engineering services. These services include:

  • •IT Program and Cargo Management Support to determine efficacy of cargo screening model simulation
  • •Analysis of airport data collection, data adequacy and data integration approach
  • •Testing of cost and simulation model components for accuracy and scalability to support all 452 nationwide airports
  • •Validation of model requirements and conceptual framework
  • •Development of analysis report of model results for congressional inquiry and recommendations for future research
  • •Document automation and workflow support
  • •ISO 9000 compliance and audit
  • •PMI Quality assurance support

A Committment to Quality

While working for the TSA Quasars developed MetView.This tool was utilized to capture customer satisfaction and integrate the feedback into our management process to identify improvement initiatives and provide near real-time reinforcement of performance excellence throughout the program. MetView includes a survey tool which enables the client to rate Quasars performance in five areas (leadership, skills, communication, requirements and quality) for each of the projects that Quasars supports.